Fully integrated customer care, billing and contract management software

RevenueManager supports multiple commodities through the entire customer lifecycle — from prospecting, to customer acquisition, customer service and billing — in residential, commercial and industrial markets.  The software can be deployed in individual modules as needed or as a fully pre-integrated solution able to grow and scale with your future business needs. Excelergy application programming interfaces (APIs) expose the business objects, simplifying third-party integration with other systems.

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Customer Care and Billing

Enabling accurate, timely and flexible invoicing for electricity, gas, or any other commodity, which in turn leads to accelerated collections and cash flow.

Complex Billing

Providing a flexible and boundless rating and calculation engine that allow users to meet the unique demands of residential, commercial and industrial customers.


Offering secure browser-based access to a single data repository for all customer service representatives.


Detailing customer views of usage, billing and financial transactions improving operational efficiency.

The quickest, simplest way to deploy the industry’s most proven solution for billing and customer care in competitive retail energy markets.

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RevenueManager is a fully integrated billing, customer care, and revenue management software platform that enhances customer enrollment and retention, enables personalized billing, and improves revenue management and collections. Unlike many BPO solutions, RevenueManager always gives you full access to your database.



Simplify your electronic transaction management. BusinessRunner acts as your company’s primary gateway for mission-critical data transactions and market messages. Its configurable open object architecture makes it easy for energy marketers to expand existing protocol maps and move into new ones.

Complex Billing


Demand response, dynamic pricing, time-of-use data, renewable energy, value-added products, smart metering, and increasing customer engagement continue to add complexity to the customer billing process for both utilities and retail energy suppliers.

RevenueManager On-Demand


RevenueManager On-Demand is a fully integrated billing, customer care, and revenue-management solution that enhances customer enrollment and retention, enables personalized billing, and improves revenue management and collections.

Contract Management


Enabling the management, pricing and execution of supply offers and contracts, allowing utilities to offer customers the most flexible supply options and the ability to hedge supply contracts.

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